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Reading Objects 2019: Student Edition

Image of item
Milton Avery
oil paint (paint)
oil painting (visual work)
92.71 x 118.11 cm (36 1/2 x 46 1/2 inches)

Lucas Rendich

Undergraduate- Sociology

Class of 2020

Card Players

Two players sit in a dark grey room,
One player red, the other one blue.
The red woman sits with her cards tucked away,
While the blue one sits hunched, pondering which card to play.
Red woman seems confident in the hand she’s been given,
While blue seems diffident and unsure of her decision.
The cards have been dealt, the stakes are set high,
Hand after hand the day passes by.
Day turns to dusk and dusk turns to evening,
When the sky turns to black neither woman is leaving.
Without a care in the world nor problem in sight,
The friends keep on playing deep into the night.
This world may be tricky and life may be hard,
But all is okay when you’re just playing cards.